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Are you a government organisation that would like us to work with your oceans?

Meet the Sea Ranger Service

On Tuesday 24th of May at 18:00 CET we’ll be hosting a video Q&A with some of the on duty Sea Rangers on our ship.

Six Sea Rangers in red uniform are onboard a Sea Ranger ship. All are looking towards the camera, smiling. In the background, you can see some buildings and the blue sky.

We are pleased to say that we’ve been invited to join in with this year’s #EU4OCEAN Ocean Literacy festival. The Sea Rangers will be available to answer any and all of your questions, as well as explain our mission in a practical sense, how they go about their environmental work, their training, and what life is like on board.

Through this interactive session the audience will be able to directly ask questions to our Sea Rangers about their work at sea. This event is open to anyone interested in the Sea Ranger Service…

  • Are you a young person interested in a maritime career as a Sea Ranger?
  • Maybe you are interested in the conservation activity of the Sea Ranger Service?
  • Perhaps you are a curious entrepreneur interested in our franchise programme?
  • Or maybe you’ve just heard about the Sea Ranger Service and want to know more.

If you are in any of these categories please sign up for a free ticket via the following link, and we’ll see you at the event.

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