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Sea Ranger Bootcamp starts again this fall

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp will start again in October 2020: an opportunity to be selected as a Sea Ranger after a strict selection of three weeks, accompanied by former military personnel.

Bootcamp recruits compete in shuttle runs, hurdling over other recruits who are planking. The recruits are dressed in white t-shirts and dark shorts. It is a sunny spring day. The sky is clear, and the trees in the background have no leaves.

After successfully completing the bootcamp, participants have a chance to win an annual contract for a full-time, paid job as a Sea Ranger.

Sea Rangers are a new type of park ranger at sea and conduct research into plastic pollution, conduct weather observations and monitor protected shipwreck locations. The mission for the coming years is to manage marine protected areas on a larger scale and to actively restore marine landscape at sea. Since the initiative was launched in 2018, the Sea Ranger Service’s working area has expanded further across the North Sea.

The Sea Ranger Bootcamp is a unique opportunity for young people between 18 and 29 years old to challenge themselves. During the bootcamp, participants receive numerous training courses, including team building, sports, sea sailing and media training.

Sea Rangers not only work to advance sustainable and responsible use of the oceans, they also receive further training as a stepping stone towards a maritime career. In this way, the Sea Ranger initiative serves both a sustainable and social purpose.

At this stage, unfortunately only Dutch-speaking participants can join the bootcamp. Interested for us to let you know when the Sea Ranger Bootcamp will be organised in your country? Sign up now via the bootcamp page.

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