Participants since 2018
Transition into maritime jobs
8 months
Average employment
two Sea Rangers, one male, one female, pose on a ship. The male is holding up a test tube, and the female is giving a thumbs up to the camera.

‘Being a Sea Ranger changed me’

Roy, better known by his crew members as ‘chef’ joined the Sea Ranger Service in 2022 and went on to become a deckhand on inland cargo ships, operating between The Netherlands and Germany. ‘I am now studying to become my own skipper. Without the Sea Ranger Service I could have never taken such steps’.

A close up of Sea Ranger Vera, on board a Sea Ranger vessel out at sea. Vera has a florescent yellow hood up and is smiling at the camera.

‘It was a thrilling experience’

Vera already had some basic sailing experience when she joined the Sea Ranger Service. That did not prepare her for the experience of sailing the North Sea. ‘It was thrilling, to be part of a team and carry out important work.’

‘I am now training as a navy pilot’

‘As soon I heard of the programme, I signed up straight away. It seemed like a unique opportunity.’ When Thierry first learned of the Sea Ranger Service, he was working as a part-time bar tender. He had only limited qualifications but after completing his work as a Sea Rangers, he is now training to become a navy pilot.