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Ocean summit boosts Sea Ranger approach

Founder of the Sea Ranger Service, Wietse van der Werf, presents the Sea Ranger approach to world leaders during the Our Ocean summit in Malta.

Having been invited by the European Commission, founder of the Sea Ranger Service, Wietse van der Werf, pas today presented at the Our Ocean summit in St Paul’s, Malta. For an audience of world leaders, policy makers and representatives of maritime agencies, Van der Werf showcased the Sea Ranger approach and initiated conversations with various governments on the potential future expansion of the Sea Ranger methodology outside of The Netherlands.

The response has been amazing. After my presentation I got off the stage and representatives from 10 different nations approached me. The way in which we foresee combining the tackling of youth unemployment with the management and regeneration of ocean areas, is gathering political momentum” according to Van der Werf, who will stay in Malta for an additional two days for follow up meetings with government officials and international policy makers.

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