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Our commitment


To achieve our ambitious oceans mission, we work to make the Sea Ranger Service a welcoming and inclusive organisation. We celebrate diversity and assist in the personal growth of anyone within our ranks. We empower our Sea Rangers and wider team to live unique experiences and foster a sense of collective achievement in our everyday work.

At sea we run a tight ship. Being a disciplined crew keeps us safe when operating in challenging conditions. Equally we are committed to create an open and accessible work environment in which learning takes center stage. 

Eight head shots of Sea Rangers in uniform. Everyone is smiling. Photos were taken on an overcast day at a dock. You can see ships in the background of each photo.
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72% of Sea Ranger candidates are young women

We decided to examine this trend in more detail and have discovered that since our Bootcamp has been running, 72%…

Our crew discusses International Women’s Day

Diverse and inclusive teams are creative, they outperform others and are, in maritime language ‘the engines of innovation’. Christel…

A male Sea Ranger in a red Sea Ranger jacket poses for the camera. The man has a pair of pliers in his hand and is fixing the rigging on the boat.

Diversity is strength

Anyone deserves the opportunity to develop and build themselves a healthy and independent life. By working together, beyond the divides of race, gender, age, religion and identity, we can play a frontline role in ocean protection and regeneration. Thanks to your involvement we can collectively make a positive impact for others around us and towards a better future for all.

The ocean breathes life into our planet. The passion, skills and effort you bring as your authentic self can help keep this blue heart beating for generations to come.

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